Effective Counseling at Your Pace

If you are new to counseling it is easy to feel overwhelmed with getting started.

What type of counseling is best for me? What should I consider when looking for a therapist? How long will it take for things to get better? How much will it cost?”

I am sensitive to just how scary and overwhelming all this might seem. Bellow you will find answers to common questions and concerns you might be having today.

If you still have questions, or are ready to schedule an appointment for Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy or Weight Loss Therapy contact Dr. Gonzalez: (916) 743-4748 therapywitharmando@gmail.com

Common Questions

How much does it cost for a session?
The fee for a typical 50-minutes is $145, with sessions being billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter. I do not accept insurance at this time, although some insurance companies will reimburse their clients if they submit a receipt for services rendered. I’d be happy to provide such a receipt and help you with any additional paperwork should this be your situation.

Is therapy worth the cost?
At first glance, therapy can seem expensive. Do the costs justify the potential benefits?  Does therapy really work? Yes! Recent research suggests that the average person receiving therapy is significantly better off than 84%, of those who don’t seek treatment, and that treatment gains are sustained over time. Only you can decide how much your happiness is worth to you!

I’ve never done this before, what do I need to do to get started?
To get started feel free to phone or email me to conduct a no cost initial 15 minute phone/email consultation. During this correspondence I can help to answer any questions you might have about your situation and the therapy you are looking for. If you are ready to get started we will then schedule a time for our first appointment.

Therapy Sessions

What type of therapy is best for me?
If you are going through a difficult period of your life, tired of battling depression, anxiety or chronic stress on your own then Individual Therapy is a great option for you. If you are experiencing constant arguing in your marriage or have not felt close to your partner in a long time Couples Therapy can help get your relationship back on track and bring you and your partner closer together.

Where do therapy sessions take place?
Dr. Gonzalez sees many clients at his Sacramento office located in Midtown Sacramento at 1012 19th Street. If you are in the Roseville or Rocklin you may chose to visit his Roseville office at 1380 Lead Hill Boulevard.

While many clients chose to conduct their Individual Therapy sessions in a traditional office setting others prefer the option of taking our sessions outdoors to one of nearby East Sacramento’s scenic parks or trails. Dr. Gonzalez is one of few therapists in the region with a practice setup to offer these Walk and Talk Therapy sessions.

How long should I expect to be in therapy?
Though length of time in therapy varies from person to person, couple to couple, family to family, most of my clients typically complete treatment in roughly 8-12 sessions. There are expectations to that, of course. Some people come in for 2-3 sessions simply to get back on track or re-centered, while others prefer coming in for much longer. It truly depends on your situation and your goals for change. Either way, many people start to feel better in 3-6 sessions, and can achieve positive changes on their own by 12 sessions.

What should I expect in our first session?
The first session typically consists primarily of you telling your story of what sort of change you are seeking through counseling. I will ask several questions throughout the first session so to get a good picture of your situation. Many people find a ton of relief just after the first session! I think there is something reliving about knowing you are finally taking the first step in the right direction towards the change you are seeking. From there, we will collaborate together to determine how we can achieve this change.

What is a typical counseling session like?
Therapy may be very active with lots of advice, homework, etc. or fairly passive while you explore various aspects of your particular situation. It all depends on what you and I think best suits your particular situation and related goals.

Have any Questions?

Feel free to phone me at (916) 743-4748 or fill out the contact form to take advantage of a free free 15 minute phone/email consultation prior to scheduling an appointment.