Individual Therapy

While you may be beginning your search for counseling thinking you are alone in your pursuits, you might be surprised to know just how common it can be for people to engage in counseling at some point in their lives. Many people seek counseling to help:

  • find ways to fight back against stress or anxiety
  • help find a way out of depression
  • cope with life transitions
  • get through a tough break up

In my opinion, it’s almost inevitable that at some point we will endure periods of difficulty (like the one’s mentioned above) at some point in our life.

While it may be difficult to see it now, it is often during these episodes of trial and tribulation–the times that cause the greatest amounts of pain– that often present the greatest opportunities for growth and involvement. Yet, this sort of hindsight can often be difficult to see while in the midst of fighting our way through a ferocious storm.

Gaining Back YOUR life!

I am always amazed at the degree of strength and resilience that I watch my clients display on a daily basis…

And, yet I am also surprised at how often they seem to initially have a difficult time recognizing their own actions in which they display their strengths.

A lot of this is to do with the the problematic circumstances that clients are in when they finally seek out counseling. Problems seem to…

  • have a way of smothering people, becoming all encompassing and creating a bit of tunnel vision that makes it difficult to see anything but the problem.
  • take the focus off of moving forward in life and instead attempt to keep us entrenched in the past.

When I say problems I am referring to all the one’s that you and I (yes, me as well for I am certainly not immune to them) have undoubtedly encountered at some point in our lives. Problems like anxiety, depression, stress, self-doubt, fear of failure, and the list goes on and on….

From my experience I have found that if problems like these had their way, they would prefer people to always stay stuck and paralyzed.

Problems are like squatters with no place to hang their hat, always on the move and in search of a home. Once anxiety, depression, worry, or self-doubt find a home in your lives they will attempt to do anything they can to keep you from kicking them out!

They will attempt to infiltrate your thoughts, negatively impact your relationships, and hope that you lose all sense of confidence in yourself before letting you evict them from your life. Yet, despite this here YOU are, reaching out in search of a way out.

Simply by reaching out today for counseling something tells me that the days are beginning to be numbered for the problems in your life!

If you are ready to evict anxiety, depression, stress, or worry from your life then I urge you to capitalize on the momentum and allow us to get started on our work together today.


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